How Unroll.Me Rolls

A highly talented team that wants to rock your socks off

Jack DweckMichael San SoucieArye ZuckerJosh RosenwaldJojo HedayaCris FaveroKirill Kogan

Jack Dweck

The Slack Master

In a constant search for new products, Jack has quickly adopted the oh-so-wonderful Slack — which he now forces the team to use for everything (even physical interactions).

Michael San Soucie

The Caffienated One

Java, Java, Java, Java → JavaScript.

Arye Zucker

The Hipster

Arye is into some really fun things, though you probably haven’t heard of them.

Josh Rosenwald


Josh Rosenwald is co-founder and CEO of Unroll.Me. A born entrepreneur, Josh founded his first start-up as a teenager. Subsequent ventures include a sports content website and working in various roles in the investment banking industry.

Jojo Hedaya


Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder and COO of Unroll.Me. His passion for simplicity drives Unroll.Me’s mission to streamline the email unsubscribe process and help users gain control over their inbox. Under his leadership as the head of development, Unroll.Me has grown to over 1 million users in the past three years.

Cris Favero

The Master Googler

There are people that use Google and then there are people that KNOW Google. Our guy Cris is the latter. Cris can out-google Google. His most searched sites: Reddit and Facebook — go ahead, search his history.

Kirill Kogan

The Namerizer

As the saying goes, there are only two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things. Fortunately, our team has the most rockstar namerizer in Silicon Alley. For instance, he came up with the name Courier for our email sending technology and Watcher for our monitoring dashboard, thereby solidifying our comic book theme. He didn't come up with his title, though.

The Unroll.Me team works to enhance your life.

Before making a major decision, we put ourselves in your shoes. That way, we can decide which features work, which don’t, and how to make Unroll.Me continue to be the ultimate email tool. Our goal? To change the way you view email – we’re in it for the long haul.

Want to roll with us? Get in touch!

Great tools like Unroll.Me don’t build themselves! The Unroll.Me team is always looking to expand, and searching for talented individuals to join our growing team in New York City. Email us or visit our official Jobs page.

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